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We help create value from

Digital Technologies

in Health Care and Pharma

  • Assessment
  • Identify opportunities for digital value creation
  • Custom-made digital upskilling programs
  • Measurement of results

Beyond Creating Value

A series of interviews with key industry experts

How do they tackle the challenges of delivery value in the new Low-Touch Economy?


We enable companies to reinvent customer value creation and delivery across key industries.


Implement Big Data Solutions, increase the availability and transparency of services and reduce the need of human intervention.


Build a trustful health system while focusing on delivering value to your customers.


Discover great opportunities and disruptive solutions to add value to the customer experience in the insurance industry.


Respond to the demanding challenges of the pharma industry with an effective omnichannel strategy.

Public Sector

Identify disruptive solutions that improve the transparency of public services and increase the trust levels of citizens in their governments.


Embrace new practices and methodologies to deliver individualized customer experiences.


Invest in new customer value creation strategies to overcome the challenges of the telecom industry and deliver high-quality customer experiences.


We help companies to reinvent customer value creation and delivery through digital reinvention in a Low-Touch economy.

VCL is a global consulting firm that helps companies to overcome disruption caused by COVID-19 though digitalization.