From Legacy to Digitimacy

Public sector

Identify innovative solutions that improve the transparency of public services and increase the trust levels of citizens in their governments.


Digital transformation is about strategy, culture and talent development. It is about employees with digital mindsets, who are rethinking business models while being agile and fast.

There is a need for developing Technology Savvy (Digital Savvy Talents) and data literate talents who can:

  • enable innovation
  • scan the market for digital solutions that can be used to meet the needs of citizens
  • integrate Big Data into the decision making processes
  • increase the level of sophistication in data analysis
  • communicate the organisation’s digital purpose, needs and priorities
  • prioritize the digital agenda

There is also a need for:

  • an open-data mindset that nourishes information sharing and supports removal of silos of knowledge
  • publicly available and transparent data as allowed by privacy laws
  • a raise of the level of public awareness and knowledge about data privacy laws by governments
TOP Goals
of implementing Digital Governance Strategies


efficiency gains in government operations


make the public sector more transparent


enhance data and information management


develop better services


improve public sector ordinations


improve public sector agility


support more inclusive decision making process

Middle East E-Governance – Statistics and Trends, Source: Go Gulf, 2018