The Shape of Things to Come From Legacy to Digitimacy

Retail Business

Embrace new practices and methodologies to deliver individualized customer experiences.


Operationalize Customer Centricity and Digitally Reinvent the Business

  • Leverage data and insights to deliver individualized experiences at scale
  • Go beyond traditional buy/sell models, and use consumer engagement as the driving force for strategy and operations
  • Ensure organizational structure and KPI alignment
  • Leverage innovation labs and partners to create new business and operating models

Improve Operational Effectiveness and Agility by Embracing New Practices, Operating Models and Technologies

  • Streamline business processes by embracing enterprise AI and automation
  • Develop data-driven, flexible supply chain models to match supply with demand at the local level
  • Drive agility and flexibility through XaaS-enabled operations
  • Embed innovation practices to enable continuous evolution

Increase Inter-Company Operability through the Use of Ecosystem Partners and Industry Platform

  • Build “trusted networks” through shared visibility and transparency; use partners to rapidly scale capabilities and extend expertise
  • Adopt standards-based industry-wide solutions to extend operations
  • Expand the ecosystem to include non-traditional partners; shift capital to increase efforts in R&D