The Shape of Things to Come From Legacy to Digitimacy


Invest in new value creation strategies to overcome the challenges of the telecom industry and deliver high-quality customer experiences.


Technology-enabled opportunities empower your organization to address pressing challenges and compete in the marketplace.

Become the Digital Services Provider of choice

  • Create a 100% digital, end-to-end service creation, delivery, usage and care platform
  • Share or sell all undifferentiated assets, adopt cloud and virtualization, and make all processes digital and cognitive

Reinvent the company for agile service delivery and dramatic cost reduction

  • Accelerate conversion to cloud-based networks, processes and systems embracing AI, robotics, open source and security to unleash new agile services
  • Embrace processes transformation with over-the-top solutions, and re-skill the workforce and decision-making via agile approaches

Redefine industry position by investing in new value creation strategies

  • Leverage industry platforms, media, ad tech, IoT and block-chain to create new services and applications that add value to industry verticals
  • Orchestrate inclusive ecosystems and marketplaces of enterprise products and frenemies to drive new value capture models