ICT: Customer Experience Management

Enhancing Customer Intimacy and Satisfaction


Our client is one of the major names in the field of technical solutions, and of its biggest suppliers, offering solutions in the areas of connectivity, system and infrastructure integration as well as managed solutions. Today, it has 24,000 clients and continues to expand around the world, resounding with international awards won for innovating a number of impressive technology products and solutions.

Our client has tremendous passion for harnessing technology for their customers, supported by an amazing team of programmers in various disciplines where passion meets experience and practice.

With its ongoing commitment to transform itself into a leading regional ICT player and to enable its customers to maximise the return on their IT investment in an efficient and effective manner, the client shared with TTM the current challenges the customer interfacing teams face as:

  • Having different team members with different backgrounds and cultures
  • The need for a unified approach and vision in dealing with customers and customer requirements
  • The need for continuous improvement in customer service and customer satisfaction


Client Needs

TTM understood there is an urgent need to enhance the experience of customers, especially as ICT companies now recognise the relationship between exploitation of core organisational competencies and customer experience enhancement. While customer service sits at the heart of the solutions provided, and considering the current situation with an absence of experience metrics, a customer experience framework needed to be implemented to ensure quality and customer satisfaction is achieved at every touchpoint (sales, delivery and operations).

Therefore, the client consulted TTM to share insights to achieve the following:

  • Achieve a common understanding across the different levels of the department about customers, customer satisfaction and customer experience
  • Streamline the focus of the individuals toward the common goal of the department allowing us to deliver a unique experience to our customers
  • Building on the core values of the team in delivering services to internal and external customers allowing differentiation of the services provided by competitors in the market

TTM Solution

Customer expectations, experiences and relationships are changing dramatically. As personalised customer experiences become the norm, marketing and sales functions face critical challenges and opportunities. TTM needed to develop a robust solution around enhancing the “customer digitimacy” inside and outside the business.

Before building the customised solution, however, it was important to reach consensus on the definition of customer digitimacy in the organisation; therefore, one-to-one and focus group calls were organised with all three levels in the organisation – the directors, the managers and the professionals – with the aim to harmonise, systemise and organise their development path in a way that they feel inspired, build the competencies and sustain the behaviours that enhance the direct customer experience.

As in the below image, the core part of the solution revolved around:

Purpose: where we worked with the management on anchoring the belief in the customer digitimacy inside the team mind

Process: where we eliminate gaps/redundancy in the process/tasks/ownership and deliverables of customer digitimacy

People: where we work with people on enhancing the collaborative efforts/orchestration to deliver the best customer digitimacy, and we have therefore developed the “Customer Experience Project” learning solutions.

This 3P process was put into the context of the client’s situation – where at the heart of the 3Ps comes the customer – and in order to achieve an internal cohesive alignment between frontlines and their managers, two tracks were designed:

Track 1 for the customer interfacing professionals where they learned how to classify their customers in terms of their needs and their desires and to create an ultimate value for them.

Track 2 for the managerial level focusing on how to coach their teams to deliver intimate project delivery to their customers.


Customer experience is the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and thus increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy, which is critical in differentiating one organisation from another.

In this case, the customer interface functions (frontliners sales and pre-sales, project delivery team and customer care) are of great importance in creating a unique customer experience and contributing to the success of the company. Therefore, this project was designed whereby the customer interface functions experienced a customised learning path to develop their competencies and harmonise their behaviours. TTM conultants shared provocative insights about how to offer a compelling customer experience that will put the client ahead of customer expectations and far from competitors through value reinvention and integrated approach utilising the “Whole Brain Transformation” methodology and “Action Learning” methodology with experiential modern disruptive learning tools that helped them transform their behaviours in day to day interactions with all stakeholders to build, reinforce and sustain customer-intimate skills.

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