Pharma: The Value Of Cross-Functional AccounManagement Approach in the Pharma industry

Navigating through the New Era of Low touch Healthcare environment!

The Problem: 

Our client is the largest pharmaceutical company in Asia and is ranked in the top 20 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world by revenue. Our client is a patient-focused, values-based, R&D-driven global biopharmaceutical company committed to bringing “Better Health and Brighter Future” to people worldwide. COVID-19 caused the disruption of the way healthcare providers, including our client, – This as such made many of the sales, marketing, and medical efforts to develop, cater for and sustain value to the healthcare caregivers and the patient at a stake.

Covid-19 disrupted the Pharma industry and productivity was crippling

Upon assessing and operating closely with the client, it was noticed how the disruption caused by COVID-19, posed many challenges to the Medico-Marketing approach and manifested in the following:

  • With safety being a priority, low-touch measures to fight the current and future crises; ensure healthcare professionals feel safe.
  • HCPs & Hospital leadership became much busier with the value creation & efficient productivity, especially after the disruption across all value-chain of healthcare, macro, and mono level.
  • As such this crippled the access to HCPs, KOLs, and Decision-Makers due to the behavior shifts, people changing how they interact with each other and with patients. 
  • As a result, a high level of pressure on how Sales, medical & market access teams can access Key decision-makers and engage stakeholders in Healthcare Institutions & hospitals (both in the private & public sector) 
  • This as such crippled the productivity “how to keep team productivity highly sustained”.


Client Needs

– A situational analysis was conducted by the team of VCL Ltd together with key client stakeholders, The Capabilities development Director, The Business Unit Leaders, and the Market Access Director to shape the desired outcomes of the project while taking into consideration their commercial & behavioral competency framework.

– This process revealed significant information, around Three main shortcomings in the process of engaging HCPs & decision-Making Unit stakeholders as follows:

–  The Crippled access to HCPs & decision-makers made the medico-marketing, sales & access teams feel the loss of control in building the proper level of engagement & relationship with customers and thus their way of capturing value.

– The Shift in HCPs behaviors & demands was a deterrence to get interest in meeting with the Medico-Marketing & sales team. 

– Internally, the process of: who-does-what” i-e roles & responsibilities to Zip-the Customers decision makers stakeholders was NOT clear, which resulted in a Loss-of collaborative efforts to manage the Healthcare Professionals & their organization in a holistic way. 

– Lack of digital systems that agile enough to access information transparently across the Clients Medic-Marketing teams was proven to be a hinderance too.


The market required a shift from a silo-based individualistic approach to a collaborative & cross-functional one


In a nutshell, in was obvious that the need of the client is to Shift the medico-Marketing, access & sales approach from the Silo-based individualistic approach (Pre-Pandemic) onto a New Strategic Key-Account Cross Functional approach, with emphasis on cross-functional collaboration of KA planning, excellence in collaboration, enhancing negotiation skills, with proactive decision making.  


Our Solution

VCL team worked collaboratively with the client and developed a multi-modular / segments solution that took into consideration the issues and was mapped around the following:

Installing the culture and skills of trust, collaboration and team spirit required a holistic approach 


Segment One: 

Aligning on Strategic Key account Management Tools (from Legacy to the New Digital-Intimacy):  The purpose of this is:

-How to plan connection points mentally and functionally with accounts & map the key decision-makers. This was implemented by mapping the decision-making unit according to -virtual buying strategies.

-Second, how to reshape the Decision-Making Demand drivers in the post-pandemic era (using the Whole-Brain-Thinking approach) 

-Third, how to shift the Value-Creation-Cross-functional strategies from an individual into a Holistic Team Approach to zip the various DMU stakeholders using the Value Gap Analysis, this gives our clients the necessary outlook on the cost of ownership and where to position themselves accordingly. 




Segment Two:

Leading Cross-Functional Collaboration: to ultimately install trust, collaboration, and cooperation across the Medico-Marketing, market access, and sales teams which as such lead to:

– How to lead successful cross-functional teams with effective collaboration strategies towards their key accounts.

– This was implemented through mapping the KAM stakeholders in the ORPI Model. Through this, we created a plan of action using the Hoshin Sheet.





Segment Three:

Value-Based Negotiation For new value creation strategies: 

– How to master strategic value-based communications to reach win-win situations with key stakeholders whether internally or externally.

– This was implemented through the “Stakeholders Management Matrix”, which was followed by creating a Framework for Decision Making Process.


Market access improved by 57%

Revenue increased by 30%


  • Tracking through the results of the implemented solution, we proudly felt the impact on the client’s own results by:
    • Process: Achieving an increase in the Information sharing across the medic-marketing, market access & sales team members by 57% 
    • Customer revenues: 
      • Penetration of the new strategic Key accounts was enhanced by a 30% increase in revenues & MS compared to the pre-solution deployment 
    • Skills:
    • Participants made a shift into a new perspective of how to Zip-DMU of the customers with the Key value-creation-approach collaboratively across the value chain delivery 

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