The Road Map for Digital Transformation in Telecom.



Our client is the pioneer of total communications solutions in KSA, they approached VCL-part of the TTM Associates group with the need to fulfill the business needs of catering for the future of work and upskilling the employees across the organization towards the essential digital capabilities that would help the organization thrive and prosper. Like all businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic caused an abrupt change in the way people work, but It has also shifted the trajectory of the telecommunications industry, with the ever-growing number of requests, the inability to visit physical stores, and the work-from-home reality, made it difficult for telecom service providers to deliver quick and empathetic assistance, additionally the acceleration of digitization and the emergence of new technologies, brought in new threats to the security of networks and applications, especially while teams are working remotely and customers are asking for assistance from home

Client Needs

One of the biggest challenges organizations face such as the Telecom industry, which continues to rise, is digital disruption – advances in technology that outpace the ability of individuals, businesses, or public policy to react or benefit from such rapid change. At the same time, customer expectations are increasing with more and more needs and demands.

  The telecom industry is a key enabler of digital transformation across industries, but the value of digitalization has so far has not been fully utilized .For digital transformation to be possible organizations need to  enable the culture of innovation in the work environment, which includes changing the basic components of work, from its infrastructure, operating models, to marketing of services. According to World economic forum, some significant barriers stand in the way of this value capture: firms are encumbered by legacy assets; there is limited collaboration between the public and private sectors; the “innovator’s dilemma” encourages inertia; and the culture at incumbent firms is impacting their ability to attract and retain the best digital talent. additionally,  Operating in the digital age requires corporate cultural change along with new organizational structures

Accordingly, our client reached out for our support to co-create a “Commercial Success in digital world” as a combination of skills, knowledge, and experiences employees need to understand the need to become digital leaders and build with them the most important competencies and behaviors to lead in the digital era to be able to succeed & fulfill the business needs of catering for the future of work and re/upskilling the employees across the organization towards the essential capabilities that would help the organization thrive and prosper and at the same time reduce the challenges the client was facing such as new competitors with aggressive pricing strategies, High level of customer churn, reskilling customer interfacing people remotely to deal with digital interventions, national regulations and economic issues, a need for upskilling the employees to become more innovative and agile in learning new emergent technologies crucial for sustaining the future.

VCL Solution

TTM/VCL understands that with this new reality, the situation requires all organizations to think and work differently to deliver on customer preferences which have forever been changed, hence, we have put together a solution to upskill the employees across ICT sector to be aligned with this digital transformation to keep the businesses moving forward during and post the COVID-19 outbreak.

Through the Road Map for Digital Transformation  journey, we aim for the team to understand the need to become digital leaders and build with them the most important competencies and behaviors to lead in the digital era providing them with a practical framework for navigating digital transformation inside the organization regardless of their specific area of expertise.

Below is the building blocks graph:

Based on VCL’s experience in telecom and wider experience in the middle east as a region developed a journey of 3 days to help support the transformation of the people to ride the wave of digital transformation and overcome significant barriers that were standing in the way of this value capture.

TTM/VCL delivered an impactful journey that is made of 3 days with the objectives illustrated below



The telecom industry plays a critical role in supporting digitalization in external industries, but it can also unlock significant value through its own digital transformation. VCL’s customized Journey has helped More than 500  Participants  in Sales, Retail, Customer Care, Marketing & project management  attended a  3 day interactive sessions  alongside their Business leaders and executives to have the right upskilling & reskilling mindset in dealing with the digital transformation era in the low-touch economy, 

They learned know how to communicate value to customers and users, and to be more aware of the customer digital demand drivers and how those digital demand drivers influence the perception of the customer value with  superior ubiquitous experiences across connectivity, content, and services. Furthermore, the program provided them with a practical application on applying the right framework to generate a customer-focus business digital solutions that solve customer problems and eliminate their implications, and enhanced the team capabilities in utilizing the whole brain thinking different preferences in their business communication with customers and team members to achieve a cohesive business result.  It helped them to provide a significant digital customer experience that exceeds the customer expectations and to step ahead from competitors by focusing on Customer Value management with accountability.


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