about us

VCL is a global consulting firm that stands as the hub for technology, design, and entrepreneurial talent. We are committed to nurturing creativity, fostering a culture of teamwork, and assembling a wide-ranging yet focused array of diverse expertise to enhance our combined influence

VCL is a sister organization and part of TTM Associates Group.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the pioneers in reinventing customer-value creation & delivery “digitimacy” in a new Low-Touch economy.

Our Mission

Digital innovation is our way in embedding customer “digitimacy” in the way our customers create, deliver and nourish value for their end users.

Our Values

Integrity, Simplicity, Candour

We Transform Your Strategy into Action

We manage every step of your strategy rollout, ideation to execution.

Why: In this era of constant change and disruption, leaders and strategists are grappling with the uncertainty of the future. Regardless if you’re steering a public or private entity, industrial or consumer-facing, the hurdles raised by digital disruptions demand a fresh approach to strategy development and deployment. This is where VCL’s ‘Vision to Cohesion’ comes into play, providing innovative solutions for these novel challenges.”

Reinventing Value: From Legacy to Digitimacy

We Support your Transformation
From Legacy to New Customer Digitimacy

Our Services

We work with organisations around the globe to help them develop disruptive solutions that transform customer experience and drive results.

Our main focus is to enable organisations to reinvent their approach in the value creation and delivery through deeper understanding of the customer’s journey in today’s business model.

We implement innovative practices and studies on the market trends in order to make sure that we deliver our promise.

VCL Value Driven Capability:
From Vision to Cohesion

Our Solutions

VCL Strategy - From Vision to Cohesion

We help organisations to reshape their vision and create an innovative strategic plan to overcome the disruptive challenges of the Low-Touch digital economy.

VCL Digital - Digitization & Digitalization

We enable organisations to embrace digital technologies as a core part of their business model in order to add value to the customer journey in a Low-Touch economy.

VCL Learning - Reskilling & Upskilling

We help organisations to reskill and upskill their workforce with new skills to thrive in this unprecedented new Low-Touch economy.

To ensure long term success of the program, we typically build the capabilities of our clients’ teams using 3 different roles


In tools and key methods (Kanban, white boards, capacity management, eXtreme Programming, Scrum,…). Formal trainings, onsite, Lean Games, e-learning, certifications,…


(help) solve complex problems and speed up implementation

Show “Do”
So everyone can see how the tools work


Day-to-day mentoring
“Do together with you”: Implementation in team to learn by doing, followed by immediate feedback (e.g. setup and lead whiteboard or scrum meeting)

Formal coaching “Do”
Coaching session with personal development plan

We will apply this approach to the project team and the business teams to generate a sustainable change by providing client with teams that can support further roll out