VCL is a global consulting firm that helps companies to overcome disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic through innovative digital solutions that drive results.

VCL is a sister organization and part of TTM Associates Group.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the pioneers in reinventing customer-value creation & delivery “digitimacy” in a new Low-Touch economy.

Our Mission

Digital innovation is our way in embedding customer “digitimacy” in the way our customers create, deliver and nourish value for their end users.

Our Values

Integrity, Simplicity, Candour

We Are Problem Solvers

We respond to the key challenge of the disruptive pandemic which is the turning of the economy from High-Touch to Low-Touch. Whether you are a large, medium or small size organisation, an industrial, biotechnological or retail company, the value delivery to the customers has been converted into digital.

This new disruptive reality has affected everyone: from a CEO overseeing the whole value-creation for stakeholders to a frontline-customer service employee delivering value to customers.

Different businesses, people, countries responded differently to this exceptional pandemic; the common factor is passing through the perceived psychological curve of change roller coaster.

Reinventing Value: From Legacy to Digitimacy

We Support your Transformation From Legacy to New Customer Digitimacy

Our Services

We work with organisations around the globe to help them develop disruptive solutions that transform customer experience and drive results.

Our main focus is to enable organisations to reinvent their approach in the value creation and delivery through deeper understanding of the customer’s journey in today’s business model.

We implement innovative practices and studies on the market trends in order to make sure that we deliver our promise.

VCL Value Driven Capability: From Vision to Cohesion

Our Solutions

VCL Strategy - From Vision to Cohesion

We help organisations to reshape their vision and create an innovative strategic plan to overcome the disruptive challenges of the Low-Touch digital economy.

VCL Digital - Digitization & Digitalization

We enable organisations to embrace digital technologies as a core part of their business model in order to add value to the customer journey in a Low-Touch economy.

VCL Learning - Reskilling & Upskilling

We help organisations to reskill and upskill their workforce with new skills to thrive in this unprecedented new Low-Touch economy.