Redefining strategy consulting in a new Low-Touch economy

The Retail Business Model is evolving.
Are you Keeping up with the Change?

The advancement of digital technologies, data, and AI is reshaping every aspect of business. From competition strategies to value propositions and organizational transformations, these advancements are driving unprecedented change.

In today's landscape of heightened uncertainty and volatility, businesses across all sectors are compelled to embrace innovation and undergo rapid transformations, leveraging digital technologies as their catalysts for change.

Does it seem similar within your business environment?

At VCL, we are poised to guide you through this journey of reinvention. With our comprehensive strategy and consulting support, we offer industry-leading expertise, deep insights, and actionable recommendations to unlock value across your entire organization. Our approach is centered on managing complexity, driving agility, and fostering resilience, all while delivering tangible results.

This reinvention journey is tailored to your unique needs, and it begins with us. Let us help you navigate the complexities of today's business environment and embark on a path of transformative growth.


As we enter a new world full of disruption, executives and business strategists are puzzled about the ambiguity of the future. Whether you are leading a public sector or private organisation, industrial or consumer, the challenges posed through digital disruptions mandate a new set of strategy formulation and mobilisation disruptive tools: hence the vision to cohesion from VCL.

The vision to cohesion journey helps executives and organisations to:

  • Redefine their purpose and vision in a Low-Touch economy
  • Revisit the ways to measure value delivered to all stakeholders, customers, employees, the public and shareholders
  • Reinvent their business strategy canvas to shape things to come in the new, disrupted Low Touch business model. Ultimately, build the execution in the vision creation and cohesively embed the change adoption into all phases of the strategic journey



Value Innovation Tools

TTM has developed a strategy chart that follows a stepwise approach for the strategic mapping and the various flow of tools and steps to reach a number of strategic solutions.

The vision to cohesion framework helps to reinvent the strategy formulation process into a disruptive, free-flowing and value-driven approach.

The tools are deduced from the Blue Ocean Strategy that brings structure to what has historically been an unstructured problem in strategy – informing organisations’ ability to create new market spaces systematically.

Reshaping Value Measures

The Pay-Offs

It focuses on the bigger picture and not only the numbers

It embeds a future-leadership approach whereby we shape the things to come

It helps you reinvent the value in a new digital economy

It ultimately focuses on execution-mobilisation

It engages all stakeholders and inspires transformation

Do you Want to Turn your
Vision into Cohesion?