The Shape of Things to Come From Legacy to Digitimacy


Respond to the demanding challenges of the pharma industry with an effective omnichannel strategy.


Looking to the future, pharmaceutical’s adoption of patient engagement strategies is inextricably linked to its digital technology-enabled transition to ‘wraparound’ solutions and a focus on improved healthcare outcomes. While “beyond-the-pill” or “around-the-pill” services have been talked about for some time, they are finally gaining traction.

New disruptive technologies, partnerships and ideas include:

  • Innovation. Use of blockchain technology to improve efficiency, safety and traceability. Adopt novel pricing and access approaches
  • Build patient trust by adopting gamification to enhance patient engagement, health literacy and medication adherence
  • Digital transformation. Use of 3D printing to transform all stages of the pharmaceuticals value chain and optimize the potential of the connected patient to develop new outcome based-propositions
  • Enhance corporate social responsibility and make patients true partners in managing their own healthcare
  • Enhance transparency and the adoption of distributed research networks and web- enabled virtual trials while keeping data private and secure

The transition to a customer-centered, omnichannel model with digital acumen is not a straightforward one. It can only work if you truly understand your customers and their interpretation of what value looks like.

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