HealthCare: How to deliver Value in the Post-pandemic Era

Navigating through the New Era of Low-touch Healthcare environment!

How investing in talents helps deliver Value in the Post-pandemic Era

Navigating through the New Era of Low-touch Healthcare environment!


The Problem

Our client a well-known Medical Group is a distinguished leading healthcare provider in the Middle Eastern region. The Group is currently operating 20 Medical Facilities across Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain; in addition to developing the first private medical city in Saudi Arabia. Our client has received multiple international and national awards and accreditations which include JCI, ISO, MEEF, Forbes, CPQ, Arab Health Awards, The Middle East HR Excellence Award, and Middle East Insights’ Quality Service Awards.


When discussing and assessing closely with the Group’s VP of Human Resources,  the challenge they were facing became clear to us at VCL:

  • The group is preparing for rapid growth over the coming years; reaching a potential to double the current workforce.
  • The HR Team will need to scale the spotting and development of their employees to support this massive growth.
  • Concurrently, nursing and administrative roles are becoming more difficult to retain due to the competitive nature of the industry.


As the group was scaling up and growing rapidly, they also faced the challenge to develop and retain their talents in a very competitive industry.


Our Approach

Upon the interaction and dialogues with the various stakeholders of the group, it was clear that they would need to develop a future leader program that prepares and nurtures talents to pursue leadership positions in the group. TTM’s Operation team concluded that the needs should be focused on through:

  • The leadership positions (roles) that the group wants to target.
  • Groups’ leadership competencies.
  • The culture transformation.



Our approach identified leadership development and cultural transformation as critical opportunities to address the challenge.



How we did it:

The VCL team worked collaboratively with the client and developed a consulting process whereby we coached the business leaders around developing a leadership development journey revolving around the creation of three main phases:


Phase One: ideal profile creation

Through the application of the TTM Whole Brain Competency Model, this phase entailed the Mapping of the organization’s leadership competencies

TTM-VCL completed a preliminary review of the Leadership Competencies and mapped them into our Whole Brain Competency Model. The four quadrants below represent a holistic set of competencies based upon the Whole Brain model.

This created the ideal benchmark profile as a tool where People will be gauged against


Phase Two: conducting an assessment center

  • To ensure employees have a full set of capabilities to address today’s work-based challenges, TTM/VCL Designed and ran a customized assessment center
  • All the different assessment activities were designed based on the competency model created in phase 1 and results were compared to the Have to Do Profile to measure compatibility percentage. each candidate went through an assessment activity to evaluate the Current Level in each Competency – or what we refer to as the CAN-DO PROFILE
  • Finally, each candidate received a link to an online questionnaire to assess the LIKE TO DO PROFILE using the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument
    • This online 120-questions survey evaluates and describes the degree of preference a person has for thinking in each of the four thinking quadrants, as depicted by the Herrmann Whole Brain® Model. The questionnaire results were analyzed and produced the Like to do The Results were compared to the Have to Do profile to calculate compatibility percentage.


Herrmann Whole Brain® Model


At the end of all assessment activities, each candidate received a map that compares their multiple profiles compatibility level with that of the ideal profile.

As an output at the end of all assessment activities – a Group report that reflects the current level of competencies against the benchmark profile, including the common areas of strengths and the common areas of development served as an input for the development phase, at the same time TTM created an individual detailed report.



VCL developed a process and coached the leaders about assessing profiles and developing leadership within their teams


Phase three: Development Journey

  • Based on the outcomes from Phase 1 & 2, TTM shared a customized leadership learning journey for 2 levels of the organization
  • This part of the solution included a 6-month journey using various methods to ensure the return on learning and immediate applications in the workplace:
    • Experiential workshops, delivered through hybrid setting covering 6 interactive workshops.
    • Action learning projects
    • Group coaching with TTM
    • LMS enrollment where participants got exposed to self-paced learning, uploaded their assignments, downloaded post-program material, and enjoyed the competitive elements of gamification.


leadership learning journey


The Results:

Leadership development is a key activity that leads to sustained success and enhances knowledge-driven confidence. This 6-month journey helped the future leaders to strengthen their role as effective leaders and were equipped with the skills needed to enhance productivity and reduce leadership gaps.

Furthermore, It widened their dimensions to perform efficiently in their roles, develop unique and efficient techniques that have driven their organization to new successes, and created a positive work culture and positive influence in enhancing overall employees’ engagement.


The program helped teams become more productive, more efficient and created a positive work culture.


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