Positive Influence & Impact: Transforming public services to meet essential needs and expectations

Situation/Problem [Challenges]



Our client is one of the largest government entities in KSA, driven by its ambition to harness its strength in achieving Vision 2030  and its strategic objectives ( A vibrant Society, A Thriving Economy, An Ambition Nation),  and maintain their culture & values in of sustaining a modern work environment, facilitate trade effectively and transparently with a focus on customers, using main management methods, and latest international technology.

Below are the challenges they are facing while dealing with customers:

  1. Customer Service Challenges:
  • Some customers are being overcharged.
  • The speed of issue resolution by the employees, referred to as “Time to Serve,” is not satisfactory.
  • Lack of timely responses to customer issues.


  1. Internal Communication Challenges:
  • Misalignment among employees regarding accurate information about Customers’ issues, resulting in inadequate record-keeping and handover of information.
  • Lack of access to relevant information.
  • Insufficient knowledge of new policies and procedures internally, leading to their ineffective implementation and reinforcement.


  1. Other Challenges:
  • Internal systems are not regularly updated, potentially causing inefficiencies, and hindering performance.
  • Roles and responsibilities within the organization are not aligned with the organization’s strategy.



Client Needs

This organization approached VCL, part of ttm associates group, to fulfill their business needs of reskilling the Customer Interfacing Team. They aim to enhance capabilities, facilitate trade, ensure transparency, and achieve the organization’s vision of becoming a global model in service management.

It was understood that our client needs were classified as below:

  • Increasing the Level of Trust Built Between government employees and customers.
  • Increasing the level of Self-Confidence in Handling difficult Dialogues in A Professional, Assertive, Yet Persuasive Manner.
  • Achieving mutual agreement through successful collaboration and trust!
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration among employees to ensure prompt issue resolution and alignment with customer needs.



VCL Solution


Accordingly, VCL co-created a program to achieve Positive Influence & Impact as a combination of skills, behaviors, knowledge, and experiences employees need to succeed to fulfill the business needs of catering for the future of work and re/upskilling the employees across the organization in an innovative but practical approach to positively influence beneficiaries that reflects their keen understanding of the Organization’s operating environment and achieve customer centricity and their commitment to achieving the highest degrees of professionalism & transparency in order to reflect its ideal practical image before partners and beneficiaries.

Inspired by our client’s vision and mission to establish a model of excellence and to keep the client at the center of its focus, TTM/VCL delivered an impactful Program that is made of 3 primary phases as illustrated below: the approach was to create a learning path to develop the competencies of all the customer interfacing people across the organization and harmonize their skills and behaviors.

We realize that it is important to ensure that the training reflects changing skills and that we offer an evaluation mechanome to measure the training program’s impact.

TTM/VCL supports this approach for quality control and learning measurement and has been applying similar activities with many clients. Building on The Kirkpatrick Model principles for analyzing and evaluating the results of training and educational programs. It considers any style of training, both informal and formal, to determine aptitude based on four criteria levels.




Findings from the Forrester Customer Experience Index (CX Index™):

  • Government departments worldwide struggle with substandard customer experience.
  • Substandard customer experience hampers mission success.


Outcomes of VCL’s customized program for Customer Interfacing Participants:

  • Over 1000 participants have benefited from the program.
  • Participants learned effective communication skills, including influential and compelling communication techniques.
  • They developed the ability to engage in interactive dialogues to build trust and credibility with customers.
  • Participants gained an understanding of the importance of patient listening and acknowledging others’ viewpoints through empathy.
  • The program equipped participants with practical applications for solving customer problems and eliminating their implications, using real-life cases related to their work.
  • The program enhanced team capabilities in utilizing the Whole Brain Thinking Model® and accommodating different preferences in business communication with customers and team members.
  • The desired outcome was to achieve a cohesive business result through improved communication skills.



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