Digital Engagement In Healthcare

Setting the Foundation of Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing


Strong digital marketing is an essential ingredient for success for a tech-forward business. As the digital landscape evolves, the digital health marketing industry will surely follow. Digital marketing is now critical for any company’s growth.

Our client is a well-known pharmaceutical company eager to transform its marketing team to embrace digital engagement in their activities, gain better understanding of the different digital marketing channels and customer needs, and ultimately understand the impact of the different available channels and the best ways to implement them.

Client Needs

It is well known that digital marketing strategies offer a variety of meaningful ways to connect and treat prospective clients and customers. Digital and non-digital marketing are no longer separate – one enhances the other.

The client’s immediate needs were to explore the key trends and tactics that will help marketers in the pharma industry to use digital marketing to promote, engage and grow their clients by creating successful hooking content that is relevant to online customers.

At the same time, the client needed to understand how to analyse the different customer touchpoints and find ways to access customers in their regions, and market to the right customer on that platform with ROI measures while, at the same time, to conform to healthcare compliance.

TTM Solution

TTM is aware that the digital revolution has led to a consumer revolution represented by an increasing demand for connectedness and information. Consumers with new technology tools are becoming more active and self-directive, which changes their interactions with providers, payers and pharma companies. As a result, new and unfamiliar forms of digital behaviour have fundamentally affected the pharmaceutical business.

Being fully aware that traditional marketing campaigns are slowly coming to an end – in tandem with the strict limitations due to regulatory compliance – TTM’s solution focused on first understanding the customer journey, by understanding their customers’ needs and preferences, and by focusing digital marketing developments on the touchpoints that need most help. This step was very important to enable marketers to create consistent customer experiences that align organisational digital marketing strategies with the high-quality digital content that customers have come to expect within a compliant environment.

It was also important for marketers to understand key social media platforms that can be used in the healthcare industry and to learn from best practices what increased brand recognition, expanded reach and targeted new customers.

To simplify the complexity of digital marketing in pharma and induce practical methods, participants received a marketing case study beforehand that needed to be converted into a digital experience through a step-by-step process utilising the 4Cs model.

TTM proposed the 4Cs model as explained in the graphic below.


Digital is no longer a ‘nice to have’ in marketing or health. Digital has already transformed the pharma and healthcare industry in many ways, such as greater levels of transparency, patient communication and drug development.

TTM’s solutions enriched the current understanding of the digital marketing landscape and dynamics of integrating it into a new reality of the 4Cs marketing approach.

Participants learned how to design a digital marketing strategy for a brand therapeutic area that integrates into the whole marketing mix – the participants grasped the full power and trends of all digital tactics in pharma – by providing value at each stage of the customer journey, and they learned how, and when, to select the appropriate tactics, optimise the marketing mix and measure their business impact. In addition, they became familiarised with the current compliant trends of pharmaceutical online marketing strategies and approaches.

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