Pharma: Using virtual simulation to build a more competitive salesforce

A virtual simulation based

The Problem

Our client is one of the top 5 pharmaceutical companies in the Middle East Africa region that is committed to sustaining their long-term presence in the MEA region and supporting the community through investing in the continuous education of healthcare professionals including scientific non-promotional meetings, investing in research and local data generation, and improving patient outcomes through providing patient support programs.

Covid-19 reshaped Pharma industry: less use of sales representations and more use of data and digital platforms


Client Needs

It is well known that the pandemic of COVID-19 caused a major disruption, especially in the healthcare sector, The pharmaceutical industry has been reshaped by many changes over the past years and most recently due to the pandemic with declining use of sales representatives and the explosive growth of data and digital platforms. As markets swell with digital content and HCPs become increasingly time-poor, current customer engagement strategy can no longer be driven by reach and frequency, but by the value added at every interaction and touchpoint

Accordingly, our client reached out for a solution with the purpose of building a more competitive, assertive, and self-confident sales force whilst assessing existing promotional effectiveness and efficiency while significantly improving the team’s assertive competitiveness and planning «bulletproof» actions.

Customer engagement strategy can no longer be driven by reach and frequency but by the value added at every interaction and touchpoint


Our Solution

TTM/VCL understands that with this new reality, the situation requires all organizations to think and work differently, hence, we have put together a solution that covers the most important topics that are recommended at this stage and are helping to keep the businesses moving forward during and post the COVID-19 outbreak, all delivered by our subject-matter experts to fulfill the purpose of having a wargame mindset focusing on:

  • Assertive-Mind & behavior building among salesforce (how to tackle competitors).
  • Understanding Value Delivery to HCPs to generate higher business impact.
  • Structuring the Sales call in an assertive competitive manner.

For this one-of-a-kind project, TTM/VCL began with a series of joint brainstorming meetings with the client to discuss goals, approaches, and desired outcomes and based on that designed an interactive virtual simulation that will put all the above into action, allowing the sales reps together with their managers to produce a bulletproof action plan based on different roleplays targeting various Health care professionals, from various professions, key accounts, and levels.

In particular, the team discussed the core learning objectives in detail with project owners working both with TTM/VCL eLearning consultants and with subject matter experts, The goal was for the simulation to provide a model for successful assertive competitive selling, This ensured that expectations were aligned even before the e-learning experts worked their magic in the execution of the simulation

The interactive virtual simulation allowed us to produce a bulletproof action plan targeting various Healthcare professionals



  • Number of sessions: 45 sessions were delivered 
  • Countries:41 countries across Middle East Africa
  • Participants: 700 sales reps and 125 managers
  • Language of delivery: English-Turkish-French and Arabic
  • Roleplays: more than 670 roleplays played
  • HCPs: 15 different specialties

TTM VCL Consultants and Subject matter experts identified the following 3 key areas to feed into the next phase (Bullet-Proof Planning):

More than 40 sessions

across over 40 countries

in 4 languages


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