Pharma: Restructuring Large Commercial Teams

"Value Reinvention" in the extreme event of the global pandemic COVID-19.

Restructuring large Pharma Commercial Teams to Create and deliver Value in the Post-pandemic Era

Navigating through the New Era of Low-touch Healthcare environment!


The Problem, Everyone’s having:

Our client, which is ranked in the top 20 biopharmaceutical companies, is a vibrant team of specialists in healthcare, life sciences, and performance materials. In the extreme event of the global pandemic COVID-19, old operating methods in the healthcare & pharmaceutical industries were crippling; creating a demand for new approaches and change to take place fast!


The old operating methods were crippling under the COVID-19 pandemic.


Upon assessing and discussing closely with the client, it conveyed the current business challenges; How to leverage the value of the Disrupted Salesforce (organization) interfacing with the Medical Physicians & Healthcare Professionals – below are some of the challenges caused due to the disruption due to the pandemic:

  • With safety being a priority, low-touch measures to fight current and future crises; ensuring healthcare professionals feel safe.
  • HCPs & Hospital leadership became much busier with the value creation & efficient productivity, especially after the disruption across all value-chain of healthcare, macro, and mono level.
  • 77% of Pharma reps preferred in-person, now only 47% prefer virtual exchanges and less-frequent visits.
  • 75% of MedTech reps preferred in-person, now only 53% prefer in-person.
  • This as such crippled the productivity “how to keep team productivity highly sustained”.


How We Did It:

A situational analysis was conducted by the team of VCL Ltd together with the Managing Director of the region, the team Reviewed the current practice on commercial team strategy, current segmentation and targeting practices, sales force size, capabilities, and structure, the analysis showed the pressing need to reinvent current practices in Value Delivery to match the Disrupted Low-touch HealthCare System in the terms of:

  • Current sales organization value delivery system & structure.
  • Current capacity & capabilities
  • Overcoming the challenges/opportunities imposed due to the Low-Touch sales/ customers’ physical interaction.



“They worked with our team to provoke their thoughts to come up with untraditional solutions”



The Solution you have been looking for:

The VCL team worked collaboratively with the client and developed a multi-modular / 3 phased solution which took into consideration the issues and was mapped around the following:

Restructuring large Pharma Commercial Teams to Create and deliver Value in the Post-pandemic Era

Phase One:

Reinventing Value Delivery Through Transforming the Sales Role:  The purpose of this is:

  • Each ELT member conducted the VTRA assessment on their business unit.
  • How to redefine market segments. Revisiting targeting & segmentation in a digitally disrupted healthcare system.
  • Second, understand the physicians/HCP’s demand drivers, Demand drivers in a digitally disrupted healthcare system.
  • Third, understand and implement strategies to reinvent value creation and delivery.


Phase Two:

Reinventing Value Delivery Through Value Disruption:

  • Understanding the Value Benefit model, which identifies the value driver.
  • This was implemented through the ERRC Grid & Strategy Canvas.


Phase Three:

Optimizing Commercial Team Structure, System & Sizing:

  • How to master coherence within the organizations’ structure.
  • This was implemented through “Capacity Upskilling”.


New segmentation and transformation of sales role using the business model canvas revealed new ways of delivering value




The three stages we have offered have been covered in a step-wise approach, the tools (MOM, Demand Drivers & ERRC/ Strategy canvas) were explained throughout the exercise and the participants have implemented these tools in their business units. Outcomes resulted in a “face-lifting” exercise of the sales organization which were cascaded down each Business Unit level coming up with untraditional solutions, which in turn were presented to the global team to be implemented on a global scale.


The solutions were cascaded down to each Business Unit and presented to the global team to be implemented on a global scale.



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